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Lovely sans Sanity

Lovely's anime, manga, and gaming blog

24 August 1981
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Hello all~ and Welcome to Lovely's Anime/Manga/Gaming/fandom in general/ occasional book/ graphics blog. But for simplicity's sake, I call it a "fandom" blog for short.

In this blog, you won't find any day to day, I HATE MY LIFE AND NEIGHBORS, angst. Instead, I bring to you Just good ol' fashioned fan-related angst.

Now, to introduce myself: My internet name is "Lovely", a synonym of my real name which is "Grace". I've been using this name of "Lovely", or a variation of it, ever since my first days on the internet.

Some of you MAY know me as the Lovely who ran the Shaman King Uncensored (SKU)website and message board. SKU was a website that wrote out the differences between the 4kids version of the Shaman King anime and the original version. Unfortunately, due to many problems and a growing lack of interest on both my part and fans of the show in general, The site is mostly down now. However, the comparisons can still be read over at This archived page. Beware though, the first 20 or so comparisons are pretty badly written.

I am your standard gaming (almost exclusively rpgs), anime, and manga fanatic. A little more rational about some things in fandom, and a lot less rational on other things. I especially find myself to get rather annoyed when certain factions of fandom steal with absolutely no remorse.

I am also a huge fan of English dubs. Ocean, Cup of Tea, ADV studio's, Animaze, Zro Limit, the NY studio's, etc, etc... I love them all ^^ . And I will defend them all to the bitter end if I feel they are being bashed unfairly. However, if I dislike a dub, I will state my opinion on that, though I will state said opinions as politely as I can.

From time to time, I have a tendency to obsess about very specific series, and stay on certain topics for months at a time. So I would like to give my apologies for that. But hey, gotta write about what you love right?

Anyways, please feel free to browse around and comment on anything you like. I love comments and discussions! And of course, most importantly, have fun!