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It's been a bunch of years since I last posted here. But I just happened to remember LJ and I looked at my old posts and I feel the need to mention something before I leave LJ forever again.

I really don't like Umineko anymore.

The second half of the series just left a really bad taste in my mouth and left me kinda bitter. The constant adding of pointless female characters just to have eye candy didn't help. I went in looking for a mystery story, I went out with a lecture from Ryukishi07 that liking a well told mystery story was dumb*.

*I'm paraphrasing

Anyways, yeah, it annoyed me.


Also SAO sucks.  .....well. The first novel does anyway (AKA- "Gary Stu and his bestest Waifu deal with all the jelous haters!".) THAT left me so scarred that I have no interest in other media for that series. Bleck.  ....I get why it's popular, but ... bleck.

Durarara and Baccano are still rockin'.

God Eater was a great game.

Sushi is still delicous.

Frog plushies are still awesome.

Portal 2 ending thoughts...

Yeah, yeah, been a while, sup all. I have no where else to post my ending thoughts (conveniently marked so others can avoid being spoiled) on Portal 2 so...

Here we are!

....aaand I forgot how to do a Spoiler cut. hmmmm. ...Oh. Here we go. Collapse )
So... yeah. Great game. I recommend it :) . Now at some point I gotta play the co-op.  Ah, and also, the game was oddly pretty. 

Oh yeah, Also, I'm eager to replay the game with commentary on. I really enjoyed the commentary in the first game after all.

Beeeeeeep >D (Umineko)

On some stations in Japan, a word that Eva (red head) uses when insulting Natsuhi (gal in purple) is edited out with a loud "BEEP". Basically, Eva called Natsuhi a whore. This beeing amused a lot of folks though, so our friends in Japan made a funny video about it.

... As they tend to do~

Both epic, AND Win.

....Anyways, as long as I'm here, might as well post the Umineko tv opening and ending themes. Frikin' love both of 'em, very catchy. And yes, the opening is done by Akiko Shikata of Ar Tonelico fame.

I'm a huge fan of the Umineko VN and I enjoyed the first episode of the anime. Though it was a tad rushed, it kinda NEEDED to be in order to introduce the huge cast (ie- suspects), and to get to the first "mystery" event.
I'm fairly certain that future episodes will slow down quite a bit, and it should be a fun ride.

Umineko is a murder mystery series that starts out fairly standard in the same vein as Agatha Cristie's "And then there were none." Then... Well, not to get spoilery, but after the first arc, things because special.
It's really an amazing series, and I have high hopes for the anime. However, in addition to that I highly recommend playing the VN's as well (The Witch Hunt).
The first Episode is free! So go on and give it a shot~

Myself, I'm currently replaying the second Episode both because it's enjoyable AND to see if there's any hints and things that I missed the first time.


The HOME for short notes?

I'm having difficulties writing and uh, reading lately. But I still have some things I want to share with myself and others. So, I went to the place where others who are lazy and can't write go. Twitter :D !

Ahaha, I'm kidding. Er, the insulting part I'm kidding on I mean. Though I really have started a twitter page.
I'm using it mostly as a web-link dump. Pretty much where I put links to news and things of I've been reading/watching and enjoying lately. I'll be honest and say that a lot of links are simply for myself to look back on, but hopefully I can get some of ya'll interested in a series or two. Who knows?

Lovely's Twitter (AKA- Lovely's link dump)

Oh, and no, I don't intend to twitter about what I'm doing during my day. "Lovely is eating a sandwhich." "The sky is very blue today." Yeah, no. Sorry.

P4 guitar-ness of awesomenes

(one of the ) Persona 4 themes on guitar-

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

As a side note, since I haven't posted here in a while, a few things on Persona 4.

1- it is awesome and fun to play

2- .... um....

3- I got 2 of the bad endings, the normal ending, and I'm now working my way to get to the "true." Awesome game, but I just haven't been in the mood for this last dungeon yet ^^;.

Mabinogi wise-
Finished G1. Finally. Good lord.

"Umineko no Naku Koro ni" wise-
Finished episode 3. Awesome (as always) for the most part. But I got depressed at the end.
Oh yeah! And the fan-group that's translating the games (The Witch Hunt), they got a letter of approval from the creator, Ryuukishi07! I'm so happy for The Witch Hunt team! Also, it's nifty to know that the creator of my favorite series is actually a pretty nice guy.

Also, some of the character designs for the anime finally came out. Over here on the official anime site. Battler looks so cute and cool.....

This is probably a bad hobby....

I had a lull in my work load yesterday, so I went off to have fun on the Mabi forums. When the mood strikes me, I like to think of myself as a defender of logic :D.

Christmas thread (read the whole thing, it just gets better and better. Oh yeah, and don't feel like you need to post. I think it's at a good point to just die now. Dude begrudginly admited he was wrong and all ^^ . )

Just replying to someone who was being stupid in general

I posted around in my snarky manner briefly in a few other topics, but the above two are the most notable and the most fun (for me.)


My sister just informed me of this, but apparently THE MACY'S THANKGIVING PARADE was rick rolled! By Rick Astely himself!

Godess bless you Fosters XD .

Colored pencil fun to pass the time

A partial translation patch for the third episode of Umineko came out just yesterday. Besides the joy of the patch just coming out, I'm also having a lot of fun with the sound novel too. *laughs* However, the outside of my aparments are being painted today and the painters are starting to sing sooo... I'm taking a break from the game at the moment. Singing painters kinda ruin the ambiance.

So instead, I figured I'd post a bit here and do a lil image dumpin' . I haven't CG-ed anything in a good long while, but I do sketch quite a bit. And also, for some reason, I play around with colored pencils at work sometimes. It makes for nice personal decorations. Here are a few not-bad images for viewing pleasure. They are all Mabinogi themed by the by, because that is my current obsession :) .

First off, a pick of my guild mates Krim~

This is pretty much the only sketch of Krim I have ever been able to do that doesn't look horrible. ....*weep* . I have troubles with Krim's design so I've been sketching her a lot. Eyes are a touch bigger than I ussually do but I think it sort of works. Kinda. In a way.
Oh yeah, and I ran out of space to write Krim's name so that's why it sort of cut's off *laugh*. I have some pics of Sheri too, but none that I'm really pleased with so I don't have any up in this post. Sorry Sheri ^^;;;!

A few more pics behind the cut! CLICK IF YOU DAAAARE .Collapse )

Engrish and holidays

Engrish, I love you XD ! Read the shirt. *dies* I didn't notice/pay attention to that guys shirt until that page. Ahahahahaha.

Erm.....worst Thanksgiving post on LJ ever? Yes? No?

Uh, putting that aside, as long as i'm posting, happy holidays folks. For my canadian and other non US people out there, today is Thanskgiving here in the USA. This day also tends to start off the "holiday season" for us. "Holidays" being Thanksgiving, ChristmaHanaKwan and New Years. It's fun, if a bit stressful the older you get ^^;.

Mabi admin's having fun

Buwahahaaa, Mabi-horses are coming tomorrow! Woo hoo! That said, their announcement of this event made laugh-

Horses! That run! Holy shit!

I have a feeling Nexon is poking fun at everyone's anticipation for the horses just a weeeee bit *laughs*.


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